Як уникнути розповсюджених помилок при заповненні вашої заявки

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[цей контент англійською мовою]

Dear Friends who are planning to apply for Photography Open-Call "We are there where we were going"

We pay your attention to the following requirements of the contest, that help to avoid common mistakes in preparing contest application:

- open-call is for photographers from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova only

- the text to your photography project must be uploaded as a separate file together with your images

- this application paragraph "Please write how your applied photos connected to the theme of the contest? *" – is about your understanding the coonection between the contest topic and the theme/concept of your applied project. You may write the same text as you have in your photo project but we reccomend you to respond more substantively here, not indirectly, through your concept to the project

- your applied selected images must be uploaded to the file-exchanger. Do not send a link to an author's portfolio

- make sure you prepared your images in required size. 

Applications that does not fit the contest requirements will not be accepted. 

Open-call deadline is April 25, 2019. 

More details here