(Укр) Запрошуємо на відкриття фестивалю «Візії»!

Kyiv dwellers and guests are invited to visit the grand opening  of International Visual Culture Festival  «Vizii»,  May 25th  at 2 PM  in «Lavra» Gallery.

Nine photographic exhibitions from Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine will be presented to the public. They will cover the world renowned names and discovery projects, documentaries, art photography, photo installations and conceptual projects.

«Archiving the visual» is the Festival theme that will serve as the core of the exhibitions. The visitors together with the authors of exhibited projects will join an exciting journey to find the visual traces of time, to reinvent their values, archive personal and public memory for the next generations.

At the opening the audience will see:

  • Exhibition of Piotr Zbierski (Poland), the winner of the prestigious European competition with a “White elephants” series,
  • Project of the disposable cameras collector Algirdas Musneckis (Lithuania),
  • Outrageous photography from Kharkiv – “Shylo” (Awl) group with a «Bob Mikhailov‘s finished dissertation» project,
  • «Lakrimosa» mystical series  by Sara Angelucci (Canada),
  • Touching story of the childhood town by Arthur Bondar (Ukraine), «Photographer of the Year 2012» contest winner,
  • «Tangibility of the Past» exhibition presented by Andrew Polushkin, Vitaly Smirnov and Aleksey Savkin the masters of the rare printing techniques from St. Petersburg,
  • Picturesque project «My Place» by Georgian documentary artist Dina Oganova,
  • «Aleli» photo installation by Ukrainian artist Vladimir Klyuzko,
  • Group project «Memorial» by Pavel Banka (Czech Republic), Robert Hutinski (Slovenia) and Anna Block (Russia) about the WWII concentration camps museums

The «Vizii» initiators and originators, exhibitions designers, representatives of embassies and international cultural organizations will be given the floor at the Festival opening.

The Festival opening will be a real outburst of the city’s cultural life and festive event for the metropolitan people.

The «Lavra» gallery will be the central venue of the Festival, hosting the most exciting festival events. The visitors are welcome to join the lecture program and unforgettable meetings with authors of exhibitions. The family entertainment fans will enjoy the weekend program, including film showings, animation for children, lectures and workshops for the whole family, guide tours, etc.

The Info center will launch its activity the same day. Here one can obtain all necessary information about the Festival events, purchase the Festival catalog and get registered for festival events.

In addition, the PhotoArtBook bookstore is opened all round regular opening hours. Here, in the gallery, one can buy albums of classical and contemporary authors, well-known monographs and conceptual framework publications as well as the books on history and theory of photography.

Exhibitions in «Lavra» gallery run until June 23rd, 2013.

«Lavra» opening hours: 12 PM-8 PM.

Admission is free for all visitors during the Opening day.

During the rest of festival period the admission fee depends on the «Lavra» gallery terms.

Admission for children is free.

We are pleased to inform our visitors that the «Vizii» festival is supported by:

The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine, the Embassy of the Czech Republic to Ukraine, the Czech Centre in Kiev, the Polish Institute in Kiev, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, the Georgian Embassy, the Embassy of Canada.