Cultural Centre of Photography PhotoCULT presents the APPROPRIATION exhibition, where participants of Roman Pyatkovka’s art classes show their art works – results of study in the Centre. 

The artists borrow modern world different artifacts: starting from real objects and finishing to art works created before, and so an act of review the another’s visual experience is took place.

Contemporary visual arts, paraphrasing of Roland Barthes, – is multivariate space, where different kinds of images connect and argue, and no one is initial; they woven from quotations which send you to thousands of sources. The world bleeds by understanding that “originality” as it is does not exist and could not exist. That is why no one image itself is not new and is not unique: any image – remade cocktail from meanings which codified into conditioned cultural-historical signs and symbols.


Kateryna Yashta, Taras Yavir, Natalya Sokorenko, Nastya Bordun, Maksym Finogeyev, Oleksiy Tovpyga, Olga Tkachenko, Tanya Boguslavska, Julia Polunina-But, Yiriy Lisovskyi, Svitlana Levchenko, Gennadiy Chernega, Illya Zhekalov, Anton Buyalo, Maryna Brodovska, Oleksiy Titov, Lana Yankovska, Elmira Sydyak.

Curator Roman Pyatkovka.

Show opening: July 4 at 7 p.m.

Organizator contacts:

Cultural Centre of Photography PhotoCULT, +38 096 975 9285

Location : Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, (Укр) вул. Щорса, 18д

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