On 18th of June at 7 p.m. in Modern Art Research Institute (Shchorsa St.,18D) “Vizii” International visual culture festival will open the main exhibition – “Archive Mirror” by Burkhard von Harder, German documentalist.

“Archive Mirror” – it is a collection of damaged negatives which were found by the artist in an abandoned building of a former communist Vinnitsa newspaper. With the help of these negatives the author reconstructs an image of the epoch refracted by the historical prism and material distortion. And as a real researcher, Burkhard von Harder also discovered people from these negatives, telling their life stories…

Complementing the photo exhibition and the video-interviews with recovered Vinnitsa citizens, the artist will also present a documentary «DIE NARBE (Westberlin) West», 76 min., 2009 (director: Burkhard von Harder) and a slide-show containing all of the almost 10 000 Vinnitsa Negatives, running time: 27 hours.

From the text of writer OksanaZabuzhko about the project:

“…In some incomprehensible way these photos are painfully alive, despite of all of their canonic “neatness” and despite of all the unvarnished poverty of the reality hidden behind them, no matter how fastidiously smoothed out. Burkhard saw in them that which for us, oversaturated from childhood by “visual agitation and propaganda,” still remains beyond the zone of the visible. One can easily imagine how a local museum would have dismissed the persistent German out of hand: go away, are you kidding, who needs this! There is beauty and sorrow in these photos. There are people, alive and unique, who are good-looking and at the same time defenseless before the X-ray vision of the artist. And there is the artist, nameless as in medieval times, a Master whom Burkhard takes by the hand and leads out of the darkroom, placing him before our eyes…”

“Archive mirror project” will be presented by it’s author Burkhard von Harder, at the opening writer Oksana Zabuzhko along with the organizers and founders of “Vizii” Festival and PhotoCULT Centre will also speak.

On the 19th of June, 7 p.m. a creative meeting with the author will take place. He will talk about his research concerning historical relations between Ukraine and Germany, present books with archive negatives and also respond to questions from the public.

Exhibition opening hours: 18th of June – 01th of July 2013, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. every day except Monday

Location : Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, (Укр) вул. Щорса, 18д

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