We are happy to welcome Kyiv spectators and city’s gests for grand opening “City of the future” contest finalists’ exhibition that will take place in the framework of “Vizii” International Visual Culture festival on 26 of May at 14:00 in “Kyiv Fortress” Museum

During the week in this unique historical space spectators will be able to see works of Russian and Ukrainian authors that using the photography pose actual questions about change of city space perception, about feelings, expectations and hopes of urbanized centers inhabitants, about what will stand unchanged in the Future and what will disappear forever.

Exhibition participants are: Aleksandr Bychenko, Sergei Volkov, Roman Gook, Dmitriy Zverev, Viktor Malishko, Dariya Marchenko, Aleksei Nosenko, Olga Polecovshchikova, Iulia Polunina, Natalia Pustynnikova, Liubov  Savelyeva, Nadejda Terekhina, Oksana Chapelik, Lana Yankovskaya.

City of the future” exhibition will be presented by curator — Sophia Kushch. Originators of “Vizii” Festival also make a speech on exhibition opening.

Exhibition will run until 02 June 2013

Time and Place

National Historic-Architect Museum “Kyiv Fortress”

Kyiv, Hospitalna str, 24 (Underground stations “Pecherskaya”, “Palats Sportu”)

Mon-Tue 13:00 – 18:00

Sat-Sun 11:00 – 19:00

On opening day admission is free

Detailed information about all “Vizii” Festival events could be found on web-site www.vizii.com.ua

Location : Kyiv Fortress Museum, Kyiv, 24A Hospitalna st.

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