“City of the Future” Competitive project

The festival “Visii” announces winners of photo competition, exhibitors “City of the Future”:

- Natalia Skobeeva;

- Alexander Bychenko;

- Sergey Volkov;

- Roman Guk;

- Dmitry Zverev;

- Victor Malishko;

- Daria Marchenko;

- Alex Nosenko;

- Olga Polesovschikova;

- Julia Polunin;

- Natalia Pustinnikova;

- Love Savelyev;

- Hope Terekhina;

- Oksana Chepelyk;

- Irina Chernyshev;

- Lana Jankowska.


Competition theme sparked interest among the young and the experienced photographers and attracted the attention of authors from Poland, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, the UK and of course Ukraine.

Most of the applications submitted for consideration, it is meaningful and implemented with varying degrees of skill photo projects. And we are pleased at the Festival “Visii” to show a series of papers on the subject of future urban centers.

And on our facebook page, viewers will start voting for the best picture, in which the author will receive a two books in the series “Studies of visuality”: “Empire of Light” by Oksana GAVRISHINA and “B / W” Oleg Shishkin, as well as a guaranteed right to publish a catalog of the Festival .

To vote we selected one work from each author’s series. All works are in the album.

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Voting continue until April 19, 2013.

The exhibition “City of the Future” will be held from May 26 to June 9, 2013 in the Museum Complex “Kyiv fortress” at Hospitalna str, 24-A.


International Festival of Visual Culture “Vizii” in Kiev, Ukraine

“Vizii” Festival invites you to participate in the photo contest about the future of the city as a center of urbanization.

Description of the topic

We are witnessing the dynamic change of the city and the transformation of its spirit. Is our perception of urban space changing? How do we feel there and can we move with the times? What will happen with the city in the future? What are the expectations, hopes and fears of its inhabitants – the citizens? Will this city be ours? Will we be its residents? What will remain the same and what will disappear?

Your project will be an answer to these questions.

From December 2012 to March 2013 Kiev will be declared an area with shifting borders of time. The future will be part of this, predictions will replace forecasts. And everyone will be able to bring imagination to the point of absurdity, if only that were true.

For participants

To participate in the competition, photos (1 to 10 works), corresponding to the theme of “City of the Future” must be provided. The best art works will be shown in a group exhibition at the International festival of visual culture “Vizii”.

Technical requirements for applications:

Participants may submit their work for consideration (preview in jpg, 1,000 points on the long side), accompanied by a description and the text about the author (in the same document).

Opening date: 01.01.2013.

Closing date: 31.03.2013.

Applications are accepted by e-mail: vizii@photocult.com.ua marked “Contest: City of the Future”.

After the deadline the authors of the most interesting projects will be announced to take part in the “City of the Future” exhibition. The winners will have to provide ready prints (up to 50×60 cm) or files for the selected works printing (300 dpi). There will also be a meeting of participants with project curator and a discussion of the “City of the Future” exhibition.

Submission of the competition works implies the participants’ consent to their publication by the festival organizers since the beginning of the application process to draw attention to the contest.

The authors, who will participate in the “City of the Future” exhibition, will be announced on 08/04/2013.

More information about the Festival: www.photocult.com.ua/vizii_festival

Location :

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