We are happy to welcome Kyiv spectators and city’s guests for grand opening “Collider” video installation that will take place in the framework of “Vizii” International Visual Culture festival on 30 of May at 20:00 in Cultural and Entertainment Center ATMASFERA 360.

The Collider project works with time, space, science, urbanism and history. This large, long-term project deals with events, which took place in different urban landscapes, which had an influence on subsequent historical development. Collider examines the iconic places of USA, Russia and Ukraine of C20-21 political history: Dealey Plaza in Dallas (the site of the John F. Kennedy assassination) in Texas and Watts area – the site of Los Angeles Riot (USA), the White House in Moscow (Russia) and Independence Square in Kiev (Ukraine).

Under experimental conditions, colliders set quantum particles on collision courses with one another to generate strange matter, anti-matter. Under planetary conditions we set human particles on collision courses that generate accidental matter, violent matter, discursive matter, political matter, ethical matter, matter of great weight and matter of no consequence. The Large Hadron Collider could be the first machine capable of causing matter to travel backwards in time. In the project time is presented by 7-channel projected video that consists of 24-60 fragments of moving images, which are revolved with acceleration in an artistic collider, activating a mechanism of audio-visual jumps where certain fragments can gradually be substituted by archival videos.

The Collider project, working with the events that have formed the world in which we live now, raises the question: is a person a particle in the system of accelerators of global forces, or the energy of interaction investigating new values, new forms of thought and new ways of existence in the world – insisting that another world is possible?

“Collider” project will be presented by originators of “Vizii” Festival.

Exhibition will run until 09 June 2013

Time and Place: Cultural and Entertainment Center ATMASFERA 360, 57/3 Velyka Vasylkivska Str, daily 18-20. Admission is free.

Location : ATMASFERA 360, Kyiv, str. Velyka Vasylkivska, 57/3

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