Other Voices, Other Rooms

[a documentary film and photography workshops]

Do you work with documentary film and/or still photography? Do you want to be inspired and find new ways? Are you interested in topics, perspectives and voices of people that are not represented in mainstream society today? Do you have a project you would like to develop? Do you want to connect with other film makers and still photographers? 

Then this workshop can be something for you.

The topic of this workshop is to discuss and investigate how documentary photography and film making can be tools for discovering and exploring new perspectives in today’s society. We will discuss practical working methods and the use of different artistic expressions. How can these tools open doors to new rooms and letting topics, perspectives and people whose voices are not represented in mainstream media today be heard? Documentary stories have a great ability to show realities that we normally don't have access to and confront you with other perspectives, to let yourself be touched by other people and their situations.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage the participants to find their own voice, their own way of expression, their own way of storytelling, their own way of filming or taking pictures. 

The workshop will be given at different locations in Ukraine. It’s free of charge but you have to be willing to pay for travelling and lodging when you go to the places in Ukraine where the workshop takes place. The teachers are now active photographers and filmmakers from Sweden and Ukraine with many years of experience. The workshop will be held in English. 

The workshop is divided into three parts:

1. Inspirational workshop in Kharkiv 7-8 October, Odessa 10-11 October, Lviv 14-15 October 2017. Choose to apply to the workshop in the area that suits you. You can visit one of the mantioned cities.

2. "Other Voices, Other Rooms: ideas, production, screening" - main workshop, part 1, in Kyiv. November 2017 – April 2018. To apply to the main workshop, part 1 fill and send this application form before November 1st 2017 {link to application}. You may apply to the main workshop regardless of visiting Inspirational workshops in Kharkiv, Odessa or Lviv. 

3. "Other Voices, Other Rooms: art work and network" - main workshop, part 2, in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. June 2018 – March 2019. The participants from main workshop part 1 can apply to continue but the workshop will also be open to new applicants. Open call will be announced in Spring 2018.

Inspirational workshop in Odesa

Application deadline: September 27th 2017. Application form open here.


The teachers will show and describe their work, show inspirational samples, talk about different aspects of working with documentaries. Including talks about topics of Other Voices, Other Rooms.

Portfolio review: the participants will be asked to bring samples of their work that could be discussed in the group.

The group will consists of 20-25 participants.


Stefan Wrenfelt is a Swedish independent filmmaker with over 25 years of experience. He has been working with human rights issues, freedom of speech issues and gender issues. For over ten years he has been making films for Living History Forum, two television series on gender issues for Danish television, a documentary for Danish Television of people living far from the center, TV-projects about the disabled and their situation,  films about working with aid in war zones. He has been teaching and giving workshops in documentary film making for over 20 years. Film assignments from the Museum of Modern Art in Sweden with artists like Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono and Olafur Eliasson.

Jens Olof Lasthein has been working as a freelance photographer since 1992, working for different media as well as with self initiated projects. He has held about 50 solo exhibitions around the world and published four books: Moments in Between about the Balkan wars in the 90ies, White Sea Black Sea about the border land between eastern and western Europe, Home Among Black Hills about the coal and steel city Charleroi in Belgium, Meanwhile Across the Mountain, about the Caucasus. All books are dealing with issues of external and internal borders and how these influence us as human beings. For the last 15 years he has given a number of workshops both in Sweden and abroad.

Anna Melnikova is a Dutch photographer based in Ukraine. Anna is a freelance photographer mostly working with gender issues. Creating emotional visuals she is reflecting contemporary life ideals on everlasting icons of human life. Her first book Largo was represented in Amsterdam on UNSEEN festival.For the past five years she has taught master classes and given workskhops through Ukraine and the Netherlands.In 2015 Anna became an organizer and curator of the International festival of contemporary art MUTABOR.


Anna Gaidai curator, counselor, mentor, cultural manager and activist, founder of PhotoCULT Center, a NGO that organizes educational events, festivals, conferences, discussions and creative meetings to highlight and resolve the current problems around Ukrainian photography, member of International reviews selection committees. In 2013 Anna was an organiser of VIZII International visual culture and photography festival in Kyiv. In 2015 she developed and was a curator of Open letter.Naked Emotions conceptual project: exhibition and art-book published with the same name. In 2016-2017 Anna was a participant of EU-Eastern Partnership Culture & Creativity Programme.

This project "Other voices, other rooms" is implemented in Ukraine by PhotoCULT Centre of Photography with support from the Swedish Institute.


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