“Recollection Space”: site-specific video installations competition!

International Festival of Visual Culture “Vizii” in Kiev, Ukraine

Window of an abandoned house, the doors of an ancient temple or rusted swings in the garden … arches, bridges and subways – tunnels through time, through the wall of memories. What phantoms are living in these places? What stories are coming to life once again when you pass around? And how personal memories resonate with other temporary layers and associations?

“Vizii” Festival invites you to awake the “genius loci” and take part in the competition of site-specific video projects “Recollection Space”.

“Recollection Space” is a competition of video installations that are integrated into the urban environment. With the help of audio-visual means, the places silently preserving memories of the events and passers-by, will “speak” through the transparent multilayer mask of stories, allowing the viewer to rediscover and experience different parts of the city.

For participants

To participate in the contest please send a request, marked “Competition: Recollection Space”, to the festival e-mail: vizii@photocult.com.ua.

Application forms must contain a description of the project and information about the author. The description includes: the name and the concept of installation; selected urban location and the surface on which the video will be projected (accompanied by the plan and arrangement of equipment); video content description (accompanied by links to the video); additional elements (objects) installation; technical specifications (equipment – projectors, sound system, etc.)

The authorship of the project and of the materials, which are used in it, must be specified in the application form too. One participant or a creative team may submit only one project.

Opening date: 01.01.2013

Closing date: 31.03.2013

All the projects will be reviewed by an international jury composed of art critics, curators and media artists. Authors of the most interesting projects will get the organizational and technical support for their implementation. After the announcement of competition results, the finalists will meet with the project’s curator.

The openings of installations in urban space will be held in the evenings of June 3-7, 2013. The duration of each installation is one day or until the end of the “Vizii” Festival (depending on the chosen location and the concept of the project).

More information about the Festival

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