We invite residents and guests of the city to plunge into the world of touching stories about the person, time, memory and the power of his memories, of the intimate connection the past has with the present and about the copyright projections of these events created with the help of photographs, video, audio, text, and presented on the big screen as a part of the multimedia display program “Memory”.

Viewers will be able to see the projects of photographers from around the world, and talented young artists from Spain, Hungary, France, Canada, Russia and Ukraine as well.

Among the participants are: Juan Manuel Castro Prieto (Spain), Tamas Dezso (Hungary), Sara Angelucci (Canada), Melanie Dornier (France, India), Yulia Borissova, Maria Morina, Olga Kravets, Oksana Yushko (Russia), Roman Pyatkovka, Arthur Bondar, Andrei Lomakin (Ukraine) and other authors.

The public attention will be also introduced competition program in which their work will show the finalists of “Memory” competition: Vadim Kozlovsky, Elena Bulygina, Marina Makarenko and Sergey Poliakov (Ukraine).

During the show, visitors can visit information center where you can get all the information about the events of the Festival, to buy Festival catalog and sign up for other festival events.

Moreover, in the gallery is constantly working bookstore PhotoArtBook, where you can buy albums of classical and contemporary authors, known monographs and conceptual editions, books on the history and theory of photography.

May 29, at 19-00 forward to seeing all at the gallery “Lavra”!

Admission is free with a mandatory registration.

Address: Kyiv city art gallery “Lavra”, st. Lavrska 1

Programme (Eng)

Programme (Ukr)


Bookings are closed for this event.

Location : Lavra Art Gallery, Kyiv, Lavska str, 1

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