We invite Kyiv residents and guests to the opening of the exhibition “Restoration of Memory” with the participation of Oleksandr Ranchukov, the classic of Ukrainian photography, and the young author – Igor Belsky. The event will take place in the framework of the International Festival of Visual Culture “Vizii” on May 28 at 16:00 at the Kiev Museum of Dreams.

About the exhibition:

What happens if the space is divided into time? What would happen if one layer is replaced by a new era? The result of these reflections is the exhibition project “Restoration of Memory”, in which pictures of Kiev (70-80s) are replaced with video taken at the same locations on the same scale and with the same angle in our time. Will we recognize the places that are depicted in the photographs, or even this restoration would not be able to reconstruct the city that remained in the distant past?

20 vintage prints of the old town, 20 multimedia stories … And the noise of the city, which for a long time has entered to a new life.

The atmosphere of the Museum of Dreams, at which the exhibition will start, cuts off all the excess, leaving the viewer face to face with the city of memory, a city of dreams, a city that does not exist.

The exhibition “Restoration of Memory” will be presented by authors – Oleksandr Ranchukov and Igor Belsky. At the opening of the exhibition there will also feature the organizers of the Festival “Vizii” and the representatives of the Museum.

The opening of the exhibition will be a fascinating immersion into the world of nostalgic feelings and enjoyable pastime for active members of the city’s cultural life.

Opening hours: May 28 – June 11, 2013

Wed, Thu, Fri 14:00 to 20:00, Sat, Sun – 13:00 to 17:00.

Address: “The Museum of Dreams”, Kyiv, Chigorina, 55

Admission is free.

Location : Dreams Museum, Kyiv, 55 Chigorina street

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