We are happy to welcome Kyiv spectators and city’s gests for unique event that will take place within the framework of “Vizii international Visual culture festival!

For the first time British performer Che Kelvin and instrumental band Port Mone well known by It’s joint projects with “DahaBraha” will on your eyes create media performance виставу «Nostalgia << 2012» in one of chamber galleries of Kyiv fort

Performance «Nostalgia << 2012» – is autobiographic project-residence. In it body moves video and sound create key events that formed protagonist’s personality. Artist and performer Che Kevlin in live audiovisual accompaniment interacts with ephemeral projections of vintage slides and enlists spectators to searching for answers to key question: “What makes me who I am”

Performance will take place in “Kyiv Fortress”and will give unforgiving impressions to modern experimental theater funs

Performance schedule:

01.06.2013, 16-00, 18-30 – entrance free

Places quantity is limited by “Kyiv Fortress” space and acoustic sound, therefore organizations do not guarantee free places for those who decide to registrate in performance date. Thanks for understanding

Museum “Kyiv Fortress” address: Hospitalna str, 24-a


Bookings are closed for this event.

Location : Kyiv Fortress Museum, Kyiv, 24A Hospitalna st.

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