We are happy to welcome Kiev habitants and city’s guests for “Tranquility Prism” exhibition opening that will take place in the framework of Visii International Visual Culture Festival on 11th of June at 19:00 in  Pavlo Gudimov’s Ya Gallery Art Center.

New photos and installations of conceptual Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Kadnikov will be presented to attention of public. They merges two work series: “Margin of safety” and “Krymrezina”. These visual interpretations of philosophic reasoning on topic of present and past will dissolve in water literally.

About the project:

Doubt between past and future makes us present and ephemeral at the same time. It is impossible fly to winter in the golden cell. Well rule equilibrate by skyline with bleached sailboat on it. We successfully learned how to sharpen drop on a stone. Glass of HTWOO and full mouth of water contain the same information about outward things. Death is not a fiction. There is no joy in own beds, and now happiness in others’ beds. The phrase “to find a mare’s nest” is not logical as far as we are all pounding water in a boiling pot, and not waiting for the desired portion of. Water in its core has three hypostasises, and this means it is impossible to lost your way in it. The main question remains: “Do you need to open the door if strangers with an empty bracket are persistently knocking in it?” (from the text of Oleksander Kadnikov).

Free admission.

Location : Ya-Gallery, Kyiv, Horyva str, 49b

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