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PhotoCULT Cultural Centre of Photography in a partnership with Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich and Cultural Center Pasinger Fabric are happy to announce open-call for photographers from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

[NB! The deadline for accepting applications for the contest is prolonged until April 30, 2019 року!]


The theme of the contest: “We are there, where we were going . A reverse look into tomorrow”.

We forget. We strive for better, neglecting the fact that future is exactly the one we were creating yesterday. But yesterday we were not in the mood for thinkings. The point of view forwards is always in the present time. That is why it is so hard to watch into tomorrow from yesterday. We are trying to disconnect, unhook, cure ourselves from the trauma of the past, as from a terrible disease. But we do not notice that we remove symptoms and external manifestations instead of treatment. What is next? And then the circle of history will lead us to the same place, with the same symptoms, with the same profound alienation from the inconvenient memory. Because it's not a suitcase with stones that should be thrown away. Memory is our internal code, which opens the prospect for changes.

The theme of the contest, “We are there, where we were going. A reverse look into tomorrow,” aims to uncover the general theme of democratic transformations in the three countries Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova that faced with aggression from Russia. The purpose of the contest is to become an occasion for thinking and reflection on the culture of preserving memory, critical view and understanding that our past will always be with us and only having understood, having accepted it, we can go further for development and peace, without repeating the mistakes that have occurred.

The jury will select one winner out of the participating photographers from the shor-tlist. Per one winner from each country Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine will be selected.

The works of the winners will be shown during group exhibition at Pasinger Fabric Cultural Center in Munich (July 3 — September 15, 2019). Winners will be invited to visit the exhibition opening in Munich, to have an Artist Talk and to meet local cultural environment. The contest organizers will cover winners' costs for transfers and accommodation as well as printing and framing of images, printing of catalogue (250 copies).

The works from short-list will be presented as a slideshow at Pasinger Fabric Gallery during exhibition “We are there, where we were going . A reverse look into tomorrow”.

How to apply?

Application should be filled in here in English.

The quantity of applied images is no more than 20. To take part in the contest apply with photo projects combined with one visual and / or conceptual idea. The submitted images must correspond to the theme and objectives of the contest. In addition to the images, applicants submit a file (doc, docx, pdf) with text-concept of a photo project (up to 300 words) in English. Images: 1500 pixels wide, jpeg, not more than 500kb each. The example of naming the files: for images – “surname_photoproject name_1”; for text file “surname_photoproject name”. Download all images and file with the text-concept to the file-exchanger and indicate a link to it into the application on-line. Make shure to write answer to the application question "Please write how your applied photos connected to the theme of the contest?" as your short explanation of connection your project and contest theme but do not put here your project text-concept.


Deadline of submitting the application: 23:59 Kyiv time, 30 April 2019.

Participation in the contest is free of charge.

The contest results will be published on PhotoCULT Center web-site and facebook on May 7, 2019.

Organizers will contact all applicants through their e-mails to inform about open call results.

Successful applicants who won in the contest, have to send hi-res files (quality for printing) of their images not later than in 3 days after the contest results will be published. The winners will be informed about visit to Munich details. The winners will cover preparation of documents for traveling abroad (passports and visas) at their own expense.

Applying to the contest applicants agreed that their submitted works may be used by organisers for non-commercial purposes to spread information about the contest “We are there, where we were going . A reverse look into tomorrow”.


Contest Jury:

Sheiko_sVolodymyr Sheiko – management of culture, marketing and communications expert. Worked in the British Council, the Ukrainian representative office of the international organization which represens the United Kingdom in the field of culture and education. For 11 years he worked as the head of the department of marketing communications; manager of art programs of the countries of the region Wider Europe (Southeastern Europe and Central Asia); and director of art programs in Ukraine. Organizer of numerous of cultural projects and events in the UK and 15 countries of Europe: exhibitions, artistic residences, film festivals, professional internships, concerts, literary programs, trainings, theatrical productions. Director General of Ukrainian Institute.

Gaidai_sq_sAnna Gaidai – curator, culture manager. Co-founder and project-manager of PhotoCULT Cultural Center of Photography NGO, that aimed on inter institutional and international cultural cooperation, exhibitions, festivals, discussions, educational programs, portfolio-review, screenings, photobook presentations. She was a co-organizer of ChernihivPhotoFest (2011), Portfolio-Reviews in Ukraine (2011-2013), co-organizer and curator of “VIZII” International Photography And Visual Culture Festival (2013), Photography Festivals “The Days of Czech Photography”, “The Days of Lithuanian Photography” (2012), reviewer of International portfolio reviews (Bratislava, Kaunas, Vienna), curator of exhibition and art-book “Open letter. Naked emotions” (2015), associate of “Culture and Creativity” Program for cultural leaders by EU-Eastern Partnership Program.

Shtefan_sStefan-Maria Mittendorf – M.A., Art historian, Curator for contemporary art since 2001, works as a curator at Cultural Center Pasinger Fabrik, Munich.



The contest is being implemented in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia by the PhotoCULT Cultural Center of Photography at the initiative and financial support of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich and the Pasinger Fabrik Cultural Center in Munich.

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