Two lives.

“Two lives”

On the night on the 26th to 27th of April , 1986 was a hugest disaster of the world on the territory of Ukraine. In the city of Pripyat was declared a temporary evacuation for a 3 days period for cleaning the area from radiation. Everybody could take a personal documents and minimum of clothes. There were 50 000 citizen evacuated from Pripyat city, but nobody from them couldn’t come back to their native houses. Their life was devided into two parts on that day: before and after the disaster. It was a huge psychology trauma for all of these people. They’ve got new houses and flats in different cities on the territory of former USSR. Nowadays a lot of these people live on the territory of Ukraine, in Kiev. All of them remember events of that days very well. Some of them we were lucky enough to took with them and kept their old photographs from the city where they lived.